Our Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs
William Gacioch and Michael Gacioch
William Gacioch, Owner

William Gacioch


Michael Gacioch, President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Gacioch

President & Chief Executive Officer

David Gacioch, Senior VP, Information Technology Operations

David Gacioch

Senior VP, Information Technology Operations

Kathy Hannon, Executive Vice President

Kathy Hannon

Executive Vice President

Alan Barnes, Chief Operating Officer

Alan Barnes

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Kersch, Director of Finance

Daniel Kersch

Director of Finance

Debbie McGinnis, Director of Human Resources

Debbie McGinnis

Director of Human Resources

Kevin Hawrysiak, Director of Business Technology

Kevin Hawrysiak

Director of Business Technology

Michelle Gacioch, Vice President of Accounting

Michelle Gacioch

Vice President of Accounting

Shelley Ehret, Chief Financial Officer

Shelley Ehret

Chief Financial Officer

Vic Barberio, Director of Property Management

Vic Barberio

Director of Property Management